sukekiyo TOUR2024 「Tsumetai Chinmoku」-Shikkoku no Gi- Announced!


◆sukekiyo TOUR2024 「Tsumetai Chinmoku」-Shikkoku no Gi-
2/16(Fri.) 【KYOTO】Kyoto Gekijou
2/17(Sat.) 【KYOTO】Kyoto Gekijou
2/20(Tue.) 【TOKYO】Zepp DiverCity

Weekdays:17:45 / 18:30
Weekend:17:15 / 18:00

[Ticket Types]
Gashin ¥11,000(all fees included)
Zekuu ¥10,500(all fees included)
General Reserved Seats ¥8,000(all fees included)

■sukekiyo online Members Only Presale
[Application Term] From 2023/9/5(Tue.)12:00 to 9/14(Thu.)23:59 (JST)
[Payment Term] From 2023/9/20(Wed.)13:00 to 9/25(Mon.)23:59 (JST)

■kyo online Members Only Presale
[Application Term] From 2023/9/26(Tue.)12:00 to 10/2(Mon.)23:59 (JST)
[Payment Term] From 2023/10/6(Fri.)13:00 to 10/10(Tue.)23:59 (JST)

■Official Website Presale
[Application Term] From 2023/10/16(Mon.)12:00 to 10/23(Mon.)23:59 (JST)
[Payment Term] From 2023/10/27(Fri.)13:00 to 10/31(Tue.)21:00 (JST)

■General Tickets

NEXTROAD 03-5114-7444

※As of Sep. 4th 2023, we plan to have all the attendees wearing face masks. We made this decision because we feel that this will allow more people to attend sukekiyo’s live shows. However, please consider that this kind of regulations may be changed depending on the situation at the start of the tour. In these cases, please note that attendees who decide to do not attend to the show may not apply for any ticket refund.
※Please, refrain from screaming/cheering in ways that can disturb those around you.
※Please note that, if you don’t follow the rules for the show or the instructions given by the staff, we may not allow you to enter the venue or expel you from it. In such cases, ticket(s) may not be refunded.
※Please note that if the government and/or any other authority requests / orders the cancellation of a concert due to the COVID-19 crisis, ticket fees will not be refunded but exchanged with a gift.
※These conditions and warnings may be updated without prior notice depending on the situation.
※Please note that by attending the show, you agree with everything above mentioned.