sukekiyo TOUR2022「Ugomeku, Kubittake」-Shikkoku no Gi-

sukekiyo TOUR2022
「Ugomeku, Kubittake」-Shikkoku no Gi-

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    Zepp DiverCity

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    17:30 / 18:30


    Regular reserved seats



About preventive measures to reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 disease and other warnings

  • 【By purchasing a ticket you agree to the following content】
    ※To enter the venue, you will need to show the staff your entrance permit (you can get it by fill-in our “Questionnaire” on your smartphone) or to fill-in our paper questionnaire. Please note you will be asked to show an ID document with photo (or 2 documents without photo such as insurance card and resident card).
    ※Please wear a face mask all the time, both inside and outside the venue. You will be not allowed to enter the venue if you are not wearing a face mask.
    ※Please use the alcohol-based solution to disinfect your hands at the entrance. Alcohol-based solution will be also available in the venue lobby: please wash and disinfect your hands frequently.
    ※The staff at the entrance will check your body temperature.
    ※Please note that if the government and/or any other authority requests / orders the cancellation of a concert due to the COVID-19 crisis, ticket fees will not be refunded, but exchanged with a gift.
    [Before to come to the venue]
    The COVID-19 infections are spreading nation-wide, therefore we recommend all the high-risk and vulnerable groups (people suffering of pathologies such heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc., as well as people over 60 years of age) to refrain from attending the event. Members are looking forward to see you at the future events after the pandemic has been stamped out.
    As for the people in their 50s, please consider the risks for your health before to decide to attend the event.
    ※You will not be allowed to enter the venue if:
    ○your body temperature is 37.5°C+.
    ○you have any symptoms such as sore throat, headache, joint pain, malaise, shortness of breath, cough, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, taste disorders etc.
    ○you had contacts with persons infected by COVID-19.
    ○in the past 10 days you visited one of the countries for which the government require a 2 weeks quarantine (except Hong Kong and Macao) or had contact with people coming from one of those countries.
    ※Please note that no refunds will be given if you are not allowed to enter the venue due to the reasons of above or if you are unable to come to the venue because of health issues.
    ※In order to limit airborne droplets transmission of the disease, please refrain to speak loudly inside the venue.
    ※We strictly check the health condition of both the artists, the staff and other people involved in the organization of the event. If anyone have any kind of symptoms will not be allowed to work at the venue.
    ※To insure the flow of fresh air, the doors inside the venue will be opened all the time.
    ※After the event, the exit from the venue may be regulated by the crew. Please follow the instruction given by the staff on the day of the event.
    ※Only bottled drinks are allowed inside the venue. Please do not drink while talking. Please keep the bottle cap closed all the time when you are not drinking.
    ※Eating inside the venue is not allowed. Please also remember that having lunch/dinner before/after the event with other attendees increase the risk of infection.
    ※Please do not wait for the artist to enter / exit the venue.
    ※These conditions and warnings may be subject to change.
    You can find and fill-in the questionnaire HERE

Courtesy Request to the attendees of Shikkoku No Gi

  • Clause 1
    Please come to the show in funeral dress code; black in color with no shiny or flashy accessories, attire or hairstyle.
  • Clause 2
    Please be quiet during the show and refrain from talking or making noise.
  • Clause 3
    There will be no entry or re-entry during show time. If you do not feel well, please alert your nearest staff for assistance.
  • Clause 4
    Please be advised that the show will be photographed and taped for fuThue use as a commercial product and/or promotional product. You may be subject to appear in these products.

(all fees in.)

Gashin ¥11,000(all fees in. / no drink required)
Zekuu ¥10,500(all fees in. / no drink required)
Regular reserved seats ¥8,000(all fees in. / no drink required)

※Admission prohibited for pre-school children.
※Tickets sale schedule to be announced.

Details regarding exclusive tickets 「Gashin」and 「Zekuu」
※「Gashin」and 「Zekuu」tickets are exclusive tickets with a bonus gift that are only available for sukekiyo online members during the pre-sale period.
※Bonus gift will be handed out on the day of the show at box office.
※「Gashin」seats will be located in the front area of the 1st floor.「Zekuu」seats will be located in the front area of the 2nd floor.


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