sukekiyo 10th Anniversary Special Site & upcoming audio & video compilation 『EROSIO』 30 sec. Teaser out now!


We launched a special website to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the fondation of sukekiyo in 2013.
We plan to update its contents periodically, so please look forward to it!

Also, a teaser from the upcoming audio & video compilation 『EROSIO』 30sec Teaser is out now.

▼sukekiyo audio & video compilation 『EROSIO』(2023.8 release) 30sec Teaser

Preorders started on Jun. 28th (Wed.), 2023 at 19:00 (JST) at the Official Online Shop 【GALAXY BROAD SHOP】. Please note that the product is available in limited number of copies, so make sure to preorder yours soon if you wish to get one!

▶More information about audio & video compilation 『EROSIO』 HERE