Upcoming audio & video compilation『EROSIO』: information updated!


The contents and bonus gifts information for the upcoming audio & video compilation 『EROSIO』 by sukekiyo has been updated.

The artwork for this product features a doll Kyo himself commissioned to haruki, the doll artisan who pursues the aesthetic of unknown cuteness. The soft colors of this design, evoking a pale skin tone, make it a very delicate and evanescent cover design.

As for the contents, the compilation will include a total of 12 songs: 9 completely new ones, along with the long-awaited 「The Hole」, 「愛した心臓 -Aishita Shinzou-」, and 「論外な生き物として -Rongai na Ikimono to shite-」 which was previously released as Demo Ver. in 『PASSIO』 (video & audio compilation, 2019). The Official Online Shop Only Editions are also planned to include another audio disc featuring 2 new demos, along with 4 live tracks from <sukekiyo TOUR2023 「Nuimasu, Ruisen wo.」>, held on Feb. 16th, 2023. The video disc will bring you the Music Videos for 「MOAN」 and 「訪問者X -Houmonsha X-」, live clips for 7 songs taken from <sukekiyo TOUR2022 「Ugomeku, Kubittake」-Shikkoku No Gi-> (Oct. 6th) and an “official bootleg” made of a digest footage of all the shows of <sukekiyo TOUR2022 「Ugomeku, Kubittake」>, including -Suzaku No Ma-.

The Official Online Shop Only Editions are available in a limited number of copies and come with a smooth texture hardcover, a classic of sukekiyo’s works. The Deluxe Editions also include a schedule diary (from Oct. 2023 to Sep. 2024) featuring the artwork by haruhi, live photos and some release interviews, and come with 「Backstage DVD」 as a bonus gift.

Preorders will start on Jun. 28th (Wed.), 2023 at 19:00 (JST) at the Official Online Shop 【GALAXY BROAD SHOP】.
Orders are expected to be shipped around late August, 2023.

audio & video compilation
TYPE : Official Online Shop Only Deluxe Edition 【Limited Press】
PRICE : ¥11,000
DISC : 3 discs
FORMAT : 2CD+Blu-ray+Diary

<Deluxe Edition Only!>Schedule diary
SIZE:A5 (96p)
TYPE:Monthly / 2023.10~2024.9
CONTENTS : Calendar, Monthly schedule, Live photos, Release interview, Notes

<Deluxe Edition Bonus Gift>Backstage DVD

TYPE : Official Online Shop Only Edition 【Limited Press】
PRICE : ¥8,250
DISC : 3 discs
FORMAT : 2CD+Blu-ray

Manufactured by FW
Distributed by FW

Official Online Shop 【GALAXY BROAD SHOP

Expected shipping: starting from late August 2023.

※Please note that by ordering any other product available on GALAXY BROAD SHOP, your whole order will be shipped out as of above. No split shipping option is available.
※Contents, title and version are subject to change without notice.
※Available in limited numbers. Until supplies last only.

01. Margaret
02. 訪問者X -Houmonsha X-
03. 口に林檎 -Kuchi ni Ringo-
04. The Hole
05. 愛した心臓 -Aishita Shinzou-
06. MOAN
07. グロス -Gloss-
08. 論外な生き物として -Rongai na Ikimono to shite-
09. 畏畏 -Kashikomi Kashikomi-
10. 変わってくれませんでしょうか? -Kawatte Kuremasen Deshouka?-
11. フレームアウトからの -Frameout Karano-
12. 呼吸 -Kokyu-

01. 愚問 -Gumon-(Demo Ver.)
02. mysteryな -mystery na-(Demo Ver.)

sukekiyo TOUR2023 「Nuimasu, Ruisen wo.」
Feb. 16th (Thu.), 2023 Namba Hatch
03. 触れさせる -Furesaseru-
04. 黝いヒステリア -aoguroi hysteria-
05. 本能お断り -honnou okotowari-
06. 猥雑 -waizatsu-

DISC 3 [Blu-ray]
◆Music Video
訪問者X -Houmonsha X-

◆Live Footage
sukekiyo TOUR2022「Ugomeku, Kubittake」-Shikkoku No Gi-
Oct. 6th (Thu.), 2022 Zepp DiverCity
01. Scarlet
02. The Hole
03. Creeper
04. zephyr
05. Candis
06. Valentina
07. ただ、まだ、私。 -tada, mada, watashi.-

◆official bootleg
sukekiyo TOUR2022 「Ugomeku, Kubittake」 -Suzaku No Ma-
Aug. 4th (Thu.), 2022 Shinjuku BLAZE

sukekiyo TOUR2022 「Ugomeku, Kubittake」
Aug. 7th (Sun.), 2022 Yokohama 1000 CLUB
Aug. 12th (Fri.), 2022 Nagoya DIAMOND HALL
Aug. 14th (Sun.), 2022 Nara EVANS CASTLE HALL
Aug. 16th (Tue.), 2022 Kyoto FANJ
Aug. 17th (Wed.), 2022 Okayama CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM
Aug. 20th (Sat.), 2022 Kofu CONVICTION