sukekiyo 「TOUR2020 DRIPPIN’ -Additional Show-」: to who cannot attend the Talk & Autograph Session Event


Considering that some of you may not be able to attend the Talk & Autograph Session Event, announced consequently to the cancellation of sukekiyo 「TOUR2020 DRIPPIN’ -Additional Show-」 planned to be held at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST on Mar. 6th, we decided to deliver those people a postcard signed by members. (same design as the postcard to be signed at the venue)
To apply for the postcard, please check the guidance below and make sure to send back your ticket and personal information, within the application term.

Please note that you may request other people to get the sign on your behalf at the venue on the day of the event. In that case, please make sure to give your ticket to the person who is going to attend the venue. No one will be allowed to enter the venue without ticket.
Also, please note that the event organizer will not be responsible for any trouble due to ticket swaps.


<Physical ticket holders>
①Get your ticket ready to be sent back. Do not take the counterfoil off.
② Write a memo including the following information:
 ■Shipping Address (Please include the building name if available)
 ■Daytime phone number
 ■e-mail address
③ Send back your ticket along with the memo of above in an envelope within the application term to:

〒106-0032 東京都港区六本木5-18-18 プレシャス六本木ビル4F
「sukekiyo サイン発送受付係」
(sukekiyo Autograph Shipping Staff
Precious Roppongi Bldg. 4F,
Roppongi 5-18-18, Minato-ku, Tokyo 〒106-0032)

※Please note that the ticket shipping fee will not be refunded. We cannot accept tickets sent by COD.
※We do not require a specific shipping method for your ticket(s) to be shipped back to us, but please note untracked shipping methods may result in delivery troubles. If we do not receive your ticket, your application will be invalid and you will not receive your postcard. We recommend you to send back your ticket by tracked mail.
※Please do not take off the ticket counterfoil. Tickets without counterfoils will invalidate your application and you will not receive the signed postcard.

<SmarTicket Holders>
Please send us an e-mail as follows

[Send to]
[Object] sukekiyoサイン発送(スマチケ)
[e-mail body]
 ■Shipping Address (Please include the building name if available)
 ■Daytime phone number
[Attached files]
■Screenshot(s) of your SmarTicket(s)

※Please note that if your SmarTicket has been used, your application will be invalid.

[Physical Tickets] 2020/8/31 (Mon.) (postmark)
[SmartTicket] 2020/8/31 (Mon.) 23:59

More information about 「TOUR2020 DRIPPIN’ -Additional Show-」 Talk & Autograph Session Event HERE