sukekiyo’s new Video & Audio Compilation 『LIQUEFACIO』 to be released on Feb. 9th 2020! Now available for preorder at the official online shop!


sukekiyo just announced the release of its new video & audio compilation 『LIQUEFACIO』 on Feb. 29th 2020, featuring the live footage from <sukekiyo TOUR2019 「FORTY」> final show held at Nakano SUNPLAZA on June 27th (Wed.), 2019. The compilation is now available for pre-order at the GALAXY BROAD SHOP.

You can enjoy the full 108 min. show by sukekiyo, even more maniacal and unique ever, thanks to the collaboration with 「DRESSEDUNDRESSED」, a brand having as concept a mix of duality, contrast and antonymy, accentuating the band’s unique stage production made of unconventional video projections and lighting effects.
The bonus disc (Blu-ray) will feature a footage made of members’ stage performances coming an audio commentary you can turn on and off any time as you wish. The documentary footage included will bring you not only on the stages and backstages of all the <sukekiyo TOUR2019 「FORTY」> shows, but it will also include scenes from the tour rehearsal. The second bonus disc (CD) is going to feature 12 live-take songs from the show in Nakano.

The cover artwork is by Suzuki Eimi, an artist known for being able to create a whole new “beauty” out of illustrations and paintings collages. The hardcover booklet will feature a selection of photos from sukekiyo’s shows. Customers who purchase this product at GALAXY BROAD SHOP will also receive as bonus gift an original scarf, with cover artwork matching motif printed on it.

The compilation, now available for pre-order at the official online shop 【GALAXY BROAD SHOP】, comes in a limited number of copies. The pre-order / sales will stop as soon as the product get sold out, so we recommend people who wish to get this compilation to pre-order their copies soon.

◉More information about the new Video & Audio Compilation『LIQUEFACIO』HERE
◉Pre-order the new Video & Audio Compilation『LIQUEFACIO』HERE