Comments about the new Audio & Video Compilation 『INFINITUM』


sukekiyo has received some comments from artists such as Sachi (Kokusyoku Sumire), NOBUYA (ROTTENGRAFFTY), BAKI (GASTUNK), MORISHIGE JUICHI (ZIGGY), EXILE SHOKICHI, who collaborated with the band for the songs featured in the DISC2 of the new Audio & Video Compilation 『INFINITUM』(2019/5/24 release).

elisabeth addict…
A world of darkness, yet somehow holy and dazzling, where love, hate and sadness mix up chaotically. I suddenly found myself into this world, adding to the music some screams that cannot be expressed by notes.

Sachi (Kokusyoku Sumire)
◉Collaboration Works:elisabeth addict

I was euphoric when Kyo-kun got in touch with me, as I admire him so much. By singing “anima”, I got amazed even more by the delicate yet audacious world the bands evocates, the deep voices and the message of the song. Thank you for giving me such a great inspiration and joy.

◉Collaboration Works:anima

sukekiyo is such a great band that doesn’t need to be introduced as “another project by Kyo”.
ADORATIO is worth listening to because brings to the listeners so many emotions and make each member’s personality stand out so well.
I kept on listening it over and over, and I love Kyo’s voice.
I put my heart into ”jyunboku”.
I’m so happy. Can’t wait to it to be released.

◉Collaboration Works:純朴、無垢であろうが -jyunboku, muku de arouga-

I have listened to the songs without any kind of preconception, and I collaborated for the one I felt my singing and sound style would fit more.

I felt like this song brings back the shock rock in a more contemporary style, and that the spice Kyo add to the song gives it an exquisite originality.
Thank you Kyo-san! I’m so happy I to collaborate with you!!

◉Collaboration Works:首吊り遊具 -kubitsuri yuugu-

Back in my junior high school days I was so into DIR EN GREY, going to their live shows and trying to do some covers with my band, so I was really happy to receive an offer by sukekiyo, the project by Kyo, and I’m honored to collaborate with it.
I sang “白濁 -hakudaku-” in its original key with all my respect to the band, so please give it a listen and enjoy this collaboration!

◉Collaboration Works:白濁 -hakudaku-

They keep on improving their ideals and they are able to challenge their selves experimenting new things because they don’t have doubts about their possibilities. If you believe there still is even a little bit of chance, there will be no limits to you. In the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Rami Malek interpreting Freddy Mercury says “I decide who I am”. The 5 members of sukekiyo can decide what kind of band they are, just because they don’t deny any possibility. That’s why their music keep on changing and involving without limits. 『INFINITUM』is a work created thanks to their ability to believe into the concept of infinite possibilities, and these are the seeds that make this compilation so exquisite.

Masuda Yuuichi

Hate and madness born from an extreme pureness and an extremely deep love… the ever-changing vocals and the gorgeous instrumentals creates a “distorted yet beautiful” alternative world of sounds. The title 「INFINITUM」 suggest this industry has no limits? Or that the creativity of this band has no limits? Whatever, it’s sure that with this work, sukekiyo opened up new territory in the field.

Maeda Takahiko/BURRN!

A intense compilation that strives for an even deeper side of sukekiyo. It’s impressive how the exhaustive and intricate phrasing find place into the creepy and hard sound of the songs. All the songs of the songs in the DISC2 of the compilation have a great chemistry, and are a must-listen pieces.

M.N/Ongaku Natalie Editorial

Each time they complete a new music piece, the whole music industry that don’t know their potential gets shocked. They blend minuteness and audaciousness, grace and vulgarity, without representing those elements as opposite as white and black, but show an infinite range of expressions, like kaleidoscope that can blend and mix more colors. Maybe this vagueness is one of the reasons why their music is so fascinating.
An high-quality music that can be made by no one but the 5 of them.
Please let it reach to your heart.

Gotou Rukko/Vif Editorial

Maybe some people will hate me for this, but I think that sukekiyo’s music is blues. Why? Because it’s an immaculate yet sinful music that express loneliness and sadness. Somehow I feel a strong “Showa” taste in this work, and it features also a collaboration with my favorite vocalist BAKI, so I ended up thinking “we have the same music taste!”, and I enjoyed that sense of affinity. But let’s keep this as a secret *laughs*.

Yoshida Kouji

A space and time distortion. At the same time, you can feel how the concept of “expression” gets expanded over and over. There is something enigmatic in the melody and the groove of 『INFINITUM』. All the members’ performance is intense and flawless. Then there is the essential presence of Kyo, leading them and making all the ideas reality. They are an alternative music group that keeps on trying interesting things without limits. I feel alive each time I listen to sukekiyo’s sinister yet beautiful music.

Shimura Tsukune

Although I thought the image of sukekiyo was already well built thanks to their past releases, they didn’t stop evolving, releasing this new compilation 『INFINITUM』 like to say world still more and more inspiration. There is no a specific moment when you get be caught up into their poisonous personality, that’s not limited by being tied into their previous band image / songs / vocals: sukekiyo’s deep poison will keep on slowly affect you. On the other hand, their lyrical and beautiful melodious pieces gently invites you into their world, creating a carrot-and-stick alike system, and you will find yourself to be at their mercy

Hayakawa Yousuke

Creepy things and brutality
They show up what everyone secretly desire.


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