New video & audio compilation 『PASSIO』by sukekiyo to be released on Feb. 18th (Mon.), 2019!


After 2 years and 2 months since the release of the video & audio compilation『MUTANS』 back on Dec. 24th (Sat.), 2016, it has now been announced that the new audio & video compilation 『PASSIO』 is going to be released on Feb. 18th (Mon.), 2019. The main disc (Blu-ray) will bring you the live footage of 12 songs from sukekiyo 2018 live: ‘naburi jigoku’ held on Jan. 14th, 2018, and 10 from sukekiyo 2018 live: ‘gyakushuu no naburi jigoku’ -shikkoku no gi-, held on May 15th, 2018. The bonus disc (CD) will feature the demo version of sukekiyo’s latest song 「論外な生き物として」. sukekiyo brought 『ADORATIO』 to it’s next stage, and this compilation will allow you to get into the new world created by the band.
This product will be on sale at the venue of <2019 live: ‘igyou no ma’>, to be held on Feb. 18th (Mon.), 2019.

Video & audio compilation『PASSIO』
Video & audio compilation
RELEASE DATE : 2019.2.18
DISC 1 [Blu-ray]
sukekiyo 2018 live ‘naburi jigoku’
Jan. 14th (Sun.) 2018, Yokohama BAY HALL
01. kisses
02. 純朴、無垢であろうが -jyunboku, muku de arouga-
03. マニエリスムな冷たい葬列者 -mannerism na tsumetai souretsusya-
04. 艶 -en-
05. 首吊り遊具 -kubitsuri yuugu-
06. されど道連れ -saredo michizure-
07. 12時20分金輪際 -12 ji 20 pun konrinzai-
08. 耳ゾゾ -mimi zozo-
09. 黝いヒステリア -aoguroi hysteria-
10. 死霊のアリアナ -shiryou no ariana-
11. vandal
12. anima

sukekiyo 2018 live ‘gyakushuu no naburi jigoku’ -shikkoku no gi-
May 15th (Tue.) 2018, CLUB CITTA’
01. 黝いヒステリア -aoguroi hysteria-
02. グニャ結論。そして血眼。 -gunya ketsuron. soshite chimanako.-
03. 襞謳 -hidauta-
04. 死霊のアリアナ -shiryou no ariana-
05. 艶 -en-
06. 首吊り遊具 -kubitsuri yuugu-
07. leather field
08. vandal
09. anima
10. 嬲り -naburi-

documentary footage

01. 論外な生き物として -rongai na ikimono toshite- (Demo Ver.)

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DISC : 2 disc
FORMAT : Blu-ray+CD
CATALOGUE No. : PZSK-028~029

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