Upcoming Audio & Video Compilation 『ADORATIO』: Pre-release Premier “Aoguro no Mikkai” announced!


Pre-release Premier “Aoguro no Mikkai” for the upcoming Audio & Video Compilation 『ADORATIO』(2017/6 Release) has just been announced! This event will bring you not only the songs featured in the upcoming work 『ADORATIO』, but also all the music and the video clips released by the band up until now: it will be a great chance to bask into sukekiyo’s world. All the users who purchase their copy of 『ADORATIO』 within June 4th (Sun.) will be eligible to enter the raffle for this premiere.
The orders for 『ADORATIO』 made at the Official Online Shop 【GALAXY BROAD SHOP】 will be shipped out starting from June 21st (Wed.), on first-come-first-served basis.

⦿ Event Date
June 13th (Tue), 2017
OPEN 23:00 / START 23:30
CLOSE 28:00
※ sukekiyo’s members may take part at the event.

⦿ Place
※ Details about the place will be sent directly to the customers selected by the ruffle.

⦿ Entrance Fee
¥3,500 (tax in)
※ Only the person who purchased the product can attend the event. Please show your ID document to the staff at the entrance.
※ Be aware that disclosing details about the Premier “Mikkai” on SNS or other places is strictly prohibited both on the day of the event and after its end. Entrance to the venue will be refused to all the people who have been found out disclosing information about the event.

⦿ Ticket sales
From June 9th (Fri.) to June 11th (Sun.) 2017
※ The lucky winners of the raffle will receive an e-mail on June 12th (Mon.). Please make sure to check your e-mail settings in order to receive the e-mails sent from the domain “”. Please note that we will not send any notification e-mail to the non-extracted applicants.
※ Please note that we cannot reply to inquiries both about the raffle itself and its results.
※ People minor to 18 years of age cannot attend the event. You will need to show to the entrance staff an ID document (such as driving license, student card, company ID card and passport).
※ The event may be recorded or photographed. Please consider that you may show up in the movies / photos
※ Audio and video recordings, as well as photography, are strictly prohibited inside the venue. Everyone who is found out taking pictures or recording movies/audios will be expelled from the venue upon the deletion of all the recorded data by the event staff.
※ Please follow the instruction given by the staff on the day of the event. People who does not follow such instruction may be unable to attend the event or expelled from the venue during the premier.
※ Please note that in order to attend the event you need to agree to the rules of above. Thank you.

▶ Click HERE for details about the upcoming audio & video compilation 『ADORATIO』