Upcoming Audio & Video Compilation 『ADORATIO』: audio preview revealed!


sukekiyo released a preview of the songs 「擬似ネクロマンサー -giji necromancer-」, 「嬲り -naburi-」, 「死霊のアリアナ -shiryou no ariana-」, 「純朴、無垢であろうが -jyunboku, muku de arouga-」 and 「マニエリスムな冷たい葬列者 -mannerism na tsumetai souretsusya-」 from the upcoming Audio & Video Compilation 『ADORATIO』(2017/6 Release). The preview features a movie realized by MIKA (drums), who has been working also at various music clip from sukekiyo, so that you can enjoy not only the songs, but also the visuals, emphasizing sukekiyo’s unique atmosphere.

▶ Click HERE for details about the upcoming audio & video compilation 『ADORATIO』