sukekiyo 2018 live ‘naburi jigoku’ to be live broadcasted on NicoNico Namahousou!


 <sukekiyo 2018 live ‘naburi jigoku’> started on Jan. 15th, 2018. Its semifinal show, to be held on Jan. 14th (Sun.) at Yokohama BAY HALL will be live broadcasted on NicoNico Namahousou.

◆Broadcast schedule
Jan. 14th (Sun.), 2018 Yokohama BAY HALL (Kanagawa Prefecture)
Open Time 16:50 Start Time 17:00

Broadcast schedule

※Time schedule is just for reference. May slightly change.
17:00〜 sukekiyo Music Video broadcast marathon
17:40~ sukekiyo 2018 live ‘naburi jigoku’ to be live broadcast

■The live broadcast will start from the 3rd song of the set list.
 Music Videos will be broadcasted while waiting the live broadcast to begin.
 Please note that there may be songs that cannot be broadcasted also in the middle of the program.
■The second half of this program can be watched only by Premium Users.
 If you want to watch the whole program, please subscribe a Premium Membership.

◆You can watch the program HERE