Upcoming audio & video compilation 『ADORATIO』: Contents revealed!


The contents for the upcoming audio & video compilation 『ADORATIO』, to be released in June 2017, has been revealed. DISC1 will feature 11 original song composed specifically for this compilation as well as remixed versions of the 8cm singles “mimi zozo” and “aoguroi hysteria”. DISC2 will feature many collaboration with artists such as GARA (MERRY), YUKIYA (Kαin), Ken’ichi Fujisaki (Justy-Nasty), kyo (D’ERLANGER), Yoshihito Fukui (VINYL, ex.STRAWBERRY FIELDS, ex.D’ERLANGER) and KONTA (ex.BARBEE BOYS), and includes also tracks mixed by Daniel Ash (Bauhaus, Tones On Tail, Love And Rockets, Poptone): a rich track list that will add to sukekiyo’s music a new, fresh and unique taste. We received some comments from the artists that collaborated to this work.

mama Collaboration with GARA (MERRY)
“This is a very nostalgic song for me, as I used to sing it on the stage in the past. You can feel Kyo’s voice and my merge. No matter how many time you listen to it, you will end up grinning.
It is… a very mysterious feeling.
Dear Kyo,
I’m always surprised by your ability to bring to reality the most whacky ideas. But remember that if you work too hard, no new sprout will grow up! *laughs*
Please, let’s keep on working together!”

in all weathers Collaboration with YUKIYA (Kαin)
“It is the first time I’m singing along with Kyo since ‘MOMENT’, back to 1999…
I’m so honored to have the chance to sing with you again.
I’ve been feeling a sort of synchronicity with the dense atmosphere that sukekiyo brings to its audience…
And I would be really happy if I can merge into that darkness.”

kugui Collaboration with Ken’ichi Fujisaki (Justy-Nasty)
“When I got this offer from Kyo, I was really surprised but, at the same time, I was really excited about the idea of singing a song with him.

I’ve been deeply touched by the atmosphere spread from his music.
I’m really thankful for having the opportunity to discover such an emotional song.
I really respect Kyo.

I’m looking forward to Kyo’s and sukekiyo’s music as much as fans do. I’m sure that it will be keeping on reverberate in the time like an indelible scar remains on the skin.”
Ken’ichi Fujisaki

elisabeth addict Collaboration with kyo (D’ERLANGER)
I enjoy sukekiyo and Kyo’s aura.
How will my voice sound in this? I’m looking forward to it.”

muraningen Collaboration with Yoshihito Fukui (VINYL, ex.STRAWBERRY FIELDS, ex.D’ERLANGER)
“Thank to this offer, I had a chance to take part to a recording for the first time in about 20 years, and I had a really amazing time.
Thank you Kyo.
Thanks also to Furuta and Kamata.
And thank you, Tommy.”
Yoshihito Fukui

mimi zozo Collaboration with KONTA (ex.BARBEE BOYS)
“This was the first time I challenged myself with this genre of music. It was a very fresh and new experience. Keep on working hard!”

audio & video compilation


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