sukekiyo 2018 live : ‘naburi jigoku‘ -halloween goroshi no shinan no gi-

sukekiyo 2018 live :
‘naburi jigoku‘ -halloween goroshi no shinan no gi-

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    shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE

    Open / Start

    23:30 / 24:30




    03-5114-7444 (Weekdays14:00〜18:00)

About the attendance to this show

  • 1. Minors under 20 years of age may not attend this show.
  • 2. To enter the venue you need to exhibit your ID document for age verification purpose. This applies also both to the person who purchase the ticket and to the people attending the show together with him/her. Make sure to bring your ID document with you.
      <Accepted documents – admission approved with one document>
      ID document with photo (Such as driving license, student ID card, company ID card), passport, residence card, citizen identification card (with photo), insurance card (with photo), my number card (with photo).
      <Accepted documents – admission approved with two documents>
       Please bring with you two among: ID documents without photo (such as health insurance card / citizen identification card / my number card and others), family register and residential certificate.

‘halloween goroshi no gi’ – requests to the attendees

  • Article 1
    Please attend the show dressed up in costume.
  • Article 2
    Please note that it is not possible to enter/exit the venue during the show. In the case you are feeling sick, please talk with the nearest person of the staff.
  • Article 3
    The event may be recorded or photographed. Please consider that you may show up in the movies / photos, and that those materials may be released or used for promotional purpose.
  • ※Please note that Audio and video recordings, as well as photography, are strictly prohibited inside the venue.

(tax in)

Standing ¥5,400


kyo online

Sales Period

<1st – raffle>
12/18(Mon.)12:00 ~ 12/24(Sun.)23:59

<2nd – First come first served basis>
1/11(Thu.)18:00 ~ 1/14(Sun.)23:59

Payment period

<1st – raffle>
12/28(Thu.)14:00 〜 1/9(Tue.)23:59


※There is no general sale of a ticket.
※There is no general sale of a ticket.