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The latest sukekiyo artist photos have been released.
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sukekiyo “2014 Live: ‘Wakare Wo Oshimu Furi Wa Anata No Tame’” Announced


To commemorate the release of Kyo’s first album, “IMMORTALIS”, live performances titled 2014 Live: Wakare Wo Oshimu Furi Wa Anata No Tame” will be held in Tokyo and Kyoto.

◆Live Dates
sukekiyo 2014 Live: ‘Wakare Wo Oshimu Furi Wa Anata No Tame’
2014.5.1(mon) Nippon Seinenkan, TOKYO
2014.5.2(tue) Nippon Seinenkan, TOKYO
2014.5.4(sun) Kyoto Gekijo, KYOTO
2014.5.6(tue) Kyoto Gekijo, KYOTO
2014 Live: ‘Wakare Wo Oshimu Furi Wa Anata No Tame’ -Kaomoku No Gi-
2014.5.5(mon) Kyoto Gekijo, KYOTO
* This performance is limited to purchasers of the initial limited special edition from the official Kyo online store, and will not be open to the general public.
◆Ticket Price
Assigned Seating: 5,400 yen (tax included)

◆Ticketing Information
Presales: Kyo online
Sale Period:
Sales URL:
General Sales: 2014.4.5(sat)
*Does not include May 5th performance.
Tokyo Performances:
NEXTROAD 03-5712-5232 (Weekdays 14:00–18:00)
Kyoto Performances:
Sound Creator 06-6357-4400 (Weekdays 12:00–19:00)
sukekiyo 2014 Live: ‘Wakare Wo Oshimu Furi Wa Anata No Tame’ Details Available HERE


1st album “IMMORTALIS” In-Store Events Announced


In-store events will be held for purchasers of the initial limited edition of Kyo’s first album, “IMMORTALIS”, to be released on April 30th.
◆Album Release In-Store Events
2014.5.3(sat) Tower Records Kyoto
2014.5.11(sun) Tower Records Shinjuku, 7th Floor Event Space


1st album “IMMORTALIS” to be Released on April 30th, 2014


1st album “IMMORTALIS”
On Sale April 30th, 2014
Initial Limited Edition / 2CDs / 3,800 yen +tax / SFCD-0133-34
Regular Edition / CD / 3,200 yen +tax / SFCD-0135
DISC 1 : CD 
* Track listing is the same for initial limited edition, regular edition, and Kyo official online store initial limited special edition
elisabeth addict
nine melted fiction
hidden one
烏有の空 uyuu no sora
the daemon’s cutlery
scars like velvet
鵠 kugui
斑人間 madara ningen
in all weathers
DISC 2 : CD 
* Initial limited edition / Kyo official online store initial limited special edition and initial limited edition only
Remixes and collaborations by famous artists such as SUGIZO (LUNA SEA, X JAPAN), HISASHI (GLAY), Hitoki (Kuroyume), SHUJI ISHII (cali≠gari), and TK (Ling tosite sigure), as well as a collaboration featuring KIRITO (Angelo), vocalist of PIERROT, an overwhelmingly popular band and rivals when DIR EN GREY debuted.
Manufactured by FIREWALL DIV.
Distributed by Sony Music Distribution(Japan)Inc.
Kyo Official Online Store Initial Limited Special Edition / Initial Limited Edition Details Available HERE

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