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『京 online』


Limited wallpaper designed by kyo’s art, kyo’s photo and photo taken by kyo.

■production diary

Process of art, drawing, goods and so on.

■random diary

Updateing kyo’s diary randomly.

■film notice

Review of films by kyo.


Several columns contained.


【Registration Fee】
Monthly Fee ¥300+tax

【Payment Method】
Phone carrier (au / docomo / SoftBank)
Credit card (VISA / MasterCard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club)

【Supported Devices】
Feature phone (au / docomo / SoftBank)
Smartphone (Android / iOS)

※Kyo online is available in Japanese only.
※Your membership details cannot be transferred from your feature phone to a smartphone.
※Some devices may not be compatible depending on carrier and model.
※Online service and content information are subject to change without notice.
※kyo online paid service are for members only. Please do not upload or share any of the information from this site. Latest news, such as RELEASE and LIVE information are strictly for members only so please refrain from sharing such information until it has been officially announced on kyo official site, sukekiyo official site or magazines to the general public.
※kyo online is not available on app.