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sukekiyo 2016 「Ratai to Yuugu Doroshibai Ni Sanka No Shi」 -Shikkoku No Gi-

◆Live Information

Date City Venue Open/Start Seating Inquiries
July 17th (sun) Tokyo Chofu Green Hall 16:30/17:00 Reserved NEXTROAD
03-5114-7444 (weekdays 14:00~18:00)
※Admission prohibited for pre-school children.
Courtesy Request For Guests of Shikkoku No Gi
Clause 1 Please come to the show in funeral dress code; black in color with no shiny or flashy accessories, attire or hairstyle.
Clause 2 Please be quiet during the show and refrain from talking or making noise.
Clause 3 There will be no entry or re-entry during show time. If you do not feel well, please alert your nearest staff for assistance.
Clause 4 Please be advised that the show will be photographed and taped for future use as a commercial product and/or promotional product. You may be subject to appear in these products.
※Video/photo/voice recording of the show on any device is strictly prohibited for this show.

◆Ticket Information

Place of Purchase Seating Type / Ticket Price (tax in) Sale Period Ticket Limit Details
Pre-sale kyo online 「Gashin」
April 25th (mon) 12:00~
May 1st (sun) 23:59
Maximum of 4 tickets per person. kyo online
Regular Tickets
sukekiyo official site Regular Tickets
May 16th (mon)12:00~
May 29th (sun) 18:00
Maximum of 4 tickets per person.
General Ticket Regular Tickets
June 18th (sat)~ Maximum of 4 tickets per person.

Details regarding exclusive tickets 「Gashin」 and 「Zekuu」
※「Gashin」 and 「Zekuu」 tickets are exclusive tickets with a bonus gift that are only available for Kyo online members.
※「Gashin」 seats are the in the front area of the 1st floor.「Zekuu」 seats are in the front area of the 2nd floor.
※Bonus gift will be handed out on the day of the show at box office.